Welcome to Imagine It In Writing!

I’m excited to announce that the ebook version of my book, Take Flight: True Stories of How Dreams Shape Our Lives, is complete and now available! For information on ordering the ebook or print book, please visit Take Flight.

This collection of true short stories is a book of dreams. Within its pages, you will share in thirteen personal journeys. You’ll conquer a foreign language, climb a monstrous tree, choose to live, to dance, to laugh when no one believes you can. Most importantly, you’ll dare to dream when all is lost.

If you’re a writer, this website is for you. If you have a story to tell but don’t know how to write it, you’re also in the right place. I offer editing, writing workshops, and ghostwriting.

Gay Talese says: “Writing is often like driving a truck at night without headlights, losing your way along the road, and spending a decade in a ditch.” Been there?  Are there now?

Truthfully, all writers do some creative wandering.  You don’t always know the end when you begin.  There’s freedom in giving yourself permission to deviate from the “plan.”  However, sometimes you wander because you’re truly lost.  You need another pair of eyes to help you draw up a new roadmap.  Or maybe you just need someone to drive that creative road along with you, offering inspiration and helping you avoid potholes!

Since writing is such a solitary occupation, it’s easy to forget the community of support readily available to you.  I am here to help you achieve writing excellence.  Working one-on-one with a professional editor is a rewarding and educational experience.  Honing your skills at writing workshops is another.

Contact me here for further information on how I can help you with your writing needs.  Let’s get started today!