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Laura Crowe: Writer, Editor, Mentor

In A Writer’s Life, Gay Talese has said, “Writing is often like driving a truck at night without headlights, losing your way along the road, and spending a decade in a ditch.” If you identify, you’re at the right place. I used to be afraid of getting lost, in real life and in my writing; now I’ve come to understand it’s the best way to become found.   

Art, as it so often does, has lead the way for me. The more I take chances in my writing, the more I discover myself as a person and as an artist. But this journey is best done with companions, either in person or here on the world wide web. If you’re looking for an editor, a mentor, a teacher, or just someone to talk to, I’d love to connect with you.    

My Writing Life

I’ve been writing since I was a little girl. One of my first stories, “Betsy’s Christmas,” was recorded by me on audiotape in my childhood kitchen, with the sounds of pork chops sizzling in the background.   

Forty years later, I’m still writing at home—now in an attic office. My short stories have appeared in a variety of Canadian publications, and I’ve self-published a collection of memoir written by other writers that I edited and compiled. I believe writing is a calling, a vocation. A lifestyle. And editing is all about finding your unique voice. I’d love to partner with you in any of these areas:   

  • Editing 
  • Teaching 
  • Mentoring   
  • Ghostwriting

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My Work


  • Take Flight: True Stories of How Dreams Shape Our Lives


  • “Open Sky” The Prairie Journal  -Nominated for Howard O’Hagan Short Story Award, Writers’ Guild of AB, 2010   
  • “Mourning” Pages Of Stories 
  • “Glass Ceiling” Every Day Fiction (print) 
  • “Glass Ceiling”  Every Day Fiction (podcast)  
  • “Letting Go” Every Day Fiction  (print) 


  • “The Boudoir Bride” Bridal Fantasy 
  • “In the Deep End” Today’s Businesswoman 
  • “Making Time” guest blog post for Systems Girl 
  • “Promoting Agricultural Education” Horizons 
  • “Heavy Duty Training” Horizons    
  • “Branching Out” Horizons 
  • “Year-Round Hands-on Experience” Horizons 
  • “Olds College and Beyond” Horizons 
  • “Exercising Success” Horizons 
  • Broncos Women’s Basketball Win ACAC Crown” Horizons 
  • “Jylisa Williams” Horizons 
  • “Creating Partnerships with a Common Goal” Horizons 
  • Weekly Blog posts—Imagine It In Writing 


  • Reservation for Ten—Paros on Main, Airdrie   


  • Ficta Fabula, Fiction Editor 
  • Every Day Fiction: Slush Reader 
  • Quest Family Vacations: web site copy 
  • Janice Mitchell, Virtual Assistant: web site copy 
  • Joseph McPherson, novel: Many
  • Lisa Vanderkwaak, book: Let the Real You Step Forward 
  • Contributing authors of Take Flight: True Stories of How Dreams Shape Our Lives (14)
  • Ashley Reid, short story: “Don’t Blink”
  • Horizons, “Setting Industry Standards” (Alumnus Feature: Marlin Redpath) 
  • Horizons, “The Strength to Overcome” (Alumnus Feature: Sandy Hass) 
  • Rebecca Blackburn, YA novelette
  • Jo-Ann Vacing Dibblee, memoir: Frock Off  
  • Chris Evans, children's fiction: Pirates, African Safari, and Dinosaurs
  • Kandra Rohl, fantasy: Turqoil
  • Tatie Punkinhead, children's fiction: Plungers are Funny

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